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My Books 

Below are a list of my cookbooks and where to find them! I am so excited to share these books with you and I truly hope you enjoy the recipes as much as my family and I do.



Grain Free Table 

This is my first ever cookbook and I am so excited because it is a product of love from creating those traditional comfort food recipes that my family loved so much before we went gluten free. This book is filled with everything from savory dishes to sweets and everything in between.


It is available in hardcover copy, softcover copy and ebook/ Kindle  or for Apple products. I hope you enjoy it! 


Pumpkin Series 

I put together this little mini pumpkin series to help make sure all the pumpkin lovers out there can get their fill of their favorite fall treats! This series has 20 recipes and includes my Perfect Pie Crust and my Pumpkin Pie

So download yourself a copy today below and enjoy all the pumpkin flavors of fall! 

Once confirmation has been received you will be sent an email with the download instructions. This will be view-able on all devices.   

My name is Sara. I am a proud Army wife and mom of two little girls. I love all things adventure, outdoors, animals and of course food! Being a celiac hasn't slowed me down. It has just made me look at the world a little differently.


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