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Cooking Favorites

One of the things that I often run into is finding simple everyday products that do not contain gluten. The obvious things stand out like breads and other normally grain filled foods like breads. 


Now this might seem silly but would you ever think to look for gluten in things like ketchup or mayo? What about your beauty products? 

When you transition to a gluten free diet or lifestyle for certain reasons these are things to consider. Below you will find all the different categories that I have found gluten in my previously used products and therefore I have found amazing alternatives for you. 

This area is going to be ever evolving so keep checking back for all the different things that I find. 

Don't see an item or category that you are looking for? Send me an email and I can let you know if it's something that I have found or I will try and find something for you!

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All the basics I love and use almost everyday!

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My name is Sara. I am a proud Army wife and mom of two little girls. I love all things adventure, outdoors, animals and of course food! Being a celiac hasn't slowed me down. It has just made me look at the world a little differently.


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