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Everyday Essentials

We all go through our daily lives needing those everyday essentials. When you transition to a gluten/ grain free diet for whatever reason we often times forget about those hidden sources of gluten. You know the ones that can still end up being ingested through things like our toothpaste or soaked in through contact with our skin. 

These little added contacts of gluten can add up over time and can make the difference in someones symptoms they may be experiencing. It does not take a lot of gluten to make someone sick who has gone gluten/ grain free for health reasons. 

Therefor I have compiled a list below of all my favorite gluten free essentials. 

My Everyday Essential Favorites

My Daily Essential Articles

My Fragrance Favorites

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My name is Sara. I am a proud Army wife and mom of two little girls. I love all things adventure, outdoors, animals and of course food! Being a celiac hasn't slowed me down. It has just made me look at the world a little differently.


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