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So you have transitioned to a completely gluten free diet and you think you have that under control. Yet sometimes you start to notice that your skin will break out after your use your makeup or you start to feel a little off after something as simple as brushing your teeth? Did you know that gluten and other grains can be hiding in your beauty products? 

It's true! Like so many people who go gluten free, I quickly found out that my previous go to brands were actually making me sick, even though I was trying so hard to stick to a gluten free diet. I was still somehow being gluten-ed by my beauty products. 

Below I have compiled some of my go to beauty items that I use and love. Check them out and tell me what you think! 

(This page will be ever changing and evolving as new products come out and companies change their formulas) 

If you know you are sensitive to something always check the ingredients. For example: I am very sensitive to corn and that usually makes up xanthan gum in a lot of beauty products. So products with that, I cannot personally use but it is still a more natural ingredient that someone else might not be sensitive to. (Hence the need for more than one company) 

So because of this I have decided to list the individual products that I like and the companies they are from and you can look into things and make sure they are going to be good for your skin. 

Note: All of the products listed are gluten free/ grain free based on the ingredients list at the time of listing. I will check from time to time on the ingredients and update as needed if an ingredient is updated. If you have any questions on anything or are looking for a certain type of product or at a certain company, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Spa and Beauty Products

Everyday Essentials

All your basic hygiene items have gone gluten free! 

Natural Soap


Because your skincare should be good for you and gluten free!



Because your makeup should be clean!

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