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When you are first transitioning to a gluten free lifestyle it can seem daunting trying to figure it all out. What does gluten free mean? Flour blends? Why can I not just buy one? Well you can buy them already premixed and some of them are great, but sometimes it is nice to know how to make your own blend when the one at store is just not available. 

I do have a basic blend that uses traditional gluten free flours (rice and corn). It is not something that I use often. The reason for this is because I have an intolerance to rice and corn and so this is something that I have transitioned away from.

Because of those intolerance's now a lot of my recipes use a lot of cassava flour which you can find here. This is a naturally gluten free and nut free flour that is derived from 100% yuka (cassava). This flour is great in gluten free baking and something that I use all the time. There are a few different companies that sell this but the two that I go back and forth from are Otto's and Anthony's. I find both to be great quality. 

Cassava flour is not always the easiest to find which is why I usually order mine through Amazon or Thrive Market. (Thank you Army for putting us in the middle of nowhere.) I have found it at many larger grocery and health food stores like Whole Foods but it does seem to be a little more expensive that way. 

I also use a lot o coconut flour, tapioca starch as well as arrowroot flour. I prefer Anthony's. There are several other great sources including Bob's Red Mill but I like being able to buy them in larger quantities to have on hand. 


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My name is Sara. I am a proud Army wife and mom of two little girls. I love all things adventure, outdoors, animals and of course food! Being a celiac hasn't slowed me down. It has just made me look at the world a little differently.


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