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About me

Before We Were Gluten Free

Living a gluten free lifestyle has not always been a part of our lives. For the majority of our marriage, gluten free was not something that either my husband or I had even thought about. In fact, it was not even something that I had heard about until six years ago. 

For most of my adult, life I have been known for my baking of various delicious sweet treats. I have always loved creating new recipes and decorating them with fancy decor. At one point I had considered opening my own bakery, where I could make beautiful cakes all the time. Our daughters have always given me crazy designs for cakes that they wanted for their birthdays and I would spend hours making sure they not only looked beautiful but they also tasted amazing.


To top that off with my husband in the Army, I have often been ask to take treats to various events and even just up to his office for his soldiers to enjoy because I can, at times. My chocolate chip cookies are still a frequent request (I will still make them for special occasions and requests by his co-workers.)


Cooking and baking was a passion for me. Not that it is not a passion of mine anymore, it has just had to shift in how I go about doing it. Learning to alter all my recipes that I have used for years and even experimenting with new ones now is fun. I love being able to make something that is gluten free and have no one be able to tell the difference.  

So why did I start this site? 

A while ago, I had made the decision to finally go back to college and finish my degree (Thank goodness that is done!). I had taken a few nutrition classes and I was amazed how the majority of the students, including one professor; did not understand the severity of a gluten intolerance or celiac. Now I guess I cannot blame them completely. Especially considering I had not heard of it until recently, but the problem still had me thinking. How many people are still suffering without a proper diagnosis? It was because of that lack of knowledge that I decided to start this page. With the reality of many Americans not knowing that it exists, or thinking that that it is a one size fits all disease as far as symptoms is concerned, is unsettling. Many doctors are still reluctant to test for it and even when they do, the tests are not that accurate. So someone can be suffering with a wrong diagnosis for years. I think the more information we have the better. 

Therefore this site is dedicated to those who suffer and also as a place to be able to seek out new and tasty ways to keep living our lives to the fullest. So if you have gone gluten free for any reason or love to cook for someone who is than stick around and check out the recipes. 

I hope you enjoy them! 

My name is Sara. I am a proud Army wife and mom of two little girls. I love all things adventure, outdoors, animals and of course food! Being a celiac hasn't slowed me down. It has just made me look at the world a little differently.


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